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Online Repeats

Online Repeats

As a Premier Pharmacy customer with regular medication needs, if you find your time is at a premium why not ask a member of the Pharmacy Team to register you for our Online Repeat Prescription Service.

The online service we provide makes it easy for you to manage and reorder your Repeat medication online. You’ll save time and will receive timely email reminders when your medication is due for reordering. Instead of turning up at the Pharmacy and waiting for your Prescription to be prepared, we will notify you by email in advance that the items you have ordered online are now ready and waiting for you.

To register for the service, please speak to a member of our Pharmacy Team to discuss and establish if your individual needs are best suited to this service.

The next few steps are easy

We will ask you to register for the service and give us consent to either collect or to order and collect your prescriptions from your Doctor. The option available to you will depend on your Doctor’s Repeats policy.

Within a couple of days you will receive an email asking you to complete the registration process online by clicking a link in the email. You will be asked to confirm your Date of Birth and choose a password when you log into the service for the first time.

When the registration process is complete you will see that we will have updated your complete medication list and when it is time to order a repeat medication you just have to click the order button beside the items required.

We will email you when your items are ready and remind you when it’s time to reorder

It’s as simple as that so don’t delay – contact a member of the Pharmacy Team.

From the pharmacist

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